Shri Sagar Meghe

Shri Sagar Meghe – Secretary, NYSS

Shri Sagar Meghe personifies the concept of inclusive leadership in totality. As a leader he creates an atmosphere to stimulate diverse thinking perspectives and to converge them towards the common goals.
He shoulders the responsibility of quantitative and quantitative expansion of different Educational Institutions under Meghe Group.
His devout commitment towards quality education has carved a niche for Meghe Group of Educational Institutions in Vidarbha region and has earned a sterling reputation in education circles.
For him education is the transformative tool for propelling inclusive society growth. His unflinching conviction for quality Education has been validated by different agencies like NABET, NBA & NAAC time and again.
He believes that continuous improvement with constant innovation in the Teaching Learning process will bring in reformative change in the Education in the long run. While he set his eyes constantly on the goals for future; simultaneously he is constantly aware of the responsibilities he has to shoulder to carry on the heritage of Meghe Group.

Smt. Devika S. Meghe – President LRMMSS ,Vice President SDMBKSS

Smt. Devika Meghe, President LRMMSS is taking care of the different School chains of Meghe Group since……………
She is an ardent believer of the fact that Schools are the cradle of potentiality of the future generation of any Nation. School is the first place where a kid interacts with the world and learn to unleash the hidden potential. That is the place where the impressionable minds are converted into profound personalities.
She is having the unflinching conviction to provide the conducive environment in the Meghe Group of Schools to nurture and develop the students holistically so as to make them the successful individuals and good human beings. She feels herself blessed to have an opportunity to contribute towards the human advancement by contributing in the School Education of India.
By virtue of her futuristic vision, belief in the innovative Education and dedicated efforts the students at Meghe Group of Schools are getting empowered to face the challenges of life with grit, determination and confidence.

Smt. Devika S. Meghe
Dr. Chhitij Raj

Dr. Chhitij Raj – Head – Academy

Dr. Chhitij Raj is a young dynamic leader heading ADCC Academy. He is a doctorate in management by education and an Entrepreneur by heart. Chhitij has rich experience of working on key positions in Consumer durable and light engineering companies, Before he went after to convert his passion into profession by associating himself with more intellectually stimulating role in the field of education services and training.
He is an excellent trainer, astute marketer having exceptional skills in forging strong strategic alliances, he loves to work in team and keeps on identifying right people fit for the task delivering results.
Chhitij applies his extensive experience to provide tactical direction in the areas of Business expansion, product development and delivery
He is a firm believer that the best way to empower is to educate and this is the change that everyone wants to see. He constantly thrives to contribute from his level to a larger cause.

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